How to book? Please visit the "contct me" page and either email or call to discuss availability and your specific requirements.

Prices: Swedish Massage 1hour £45.00 (includes use of Sauna) This is a full body Swedish massage given on the massage couch using high quality massage oils. I am able to massage using powder or cream on request should you prefer a different massage medium.

Back Massage half an hour 25.00 A targeted massage for the back and neck a great stress buster treatment

Couples Swedish massage £80.00 This is a real indulgence, two full body massages, with complimentary use of our Sauna. 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna is a great preheat treatment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your massage.

Swedish Four Hands Massage (availiable by arrangement only) £90.00 Four hands massage is a full body swedish massage delivered by two people.

LomiLomi massage £45.00 Hawaiian massage using hands, forearms, knuckles and elbows. This is a new massage I am offering to give the ultimate chillout.

Couple's Training Day WAS £200 NOW £150! (with male and female therapist £300) A full day learning basic swedish massage for personal use. After a consultation for your requirements, use of the sauna will be provided. Both partners will recieve a full swedish massage to demonstrate the pressure and strokes used in Swedish Massage. One partner will massage the other while guided by me to find the right pressure.